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Vibro Shape Belt

Product Code: Vibro Shape Belt
Availability: In Stock
৳ 1,550
Ex Tax: ৳ 1,550

Vibro Shape Slimming Belt:

Vibro Shape Slimming Belt is a professional vibrating belt for reduce weight and Slim tone body parts
like thighs, abs, shoulders and hip. The Vibro Shape belt improved blood circulation with the specially designed.
Vibro Shape Slimming Belt massage feature, Vibro Shap Belt helps to detoxify abs for fast weight loss.Vibro Shape Slimming belt also provide heat who make the massage to break fat deposit without anyone hard execise and those fat deposit transformer into fat acid,which then Vibro Shape Belt passed out from body through sweat.
The Vibro Shape Slimming Belt also help in tighten loose muscle of hip, thighs and Tummy.

The Vibro Shape belt provided you to complete benefits of hard work without its vibration and heat featured.
Vibro Shape Belt, while you is not doing anything but sitting on your chair or on your bed.
You can use this Vibro Shape Slimming belt, while using laptop, watching TV, use kitchen or talking with your family and friends gupshup. Vibro Shape belt available at thetelemart.
Vibro Shape Slimming Belt reduced your weight and also provided comfortable to tired your body muscles.

This Vibro Core belt use a unique oscillat massager action to shape and to the tone specific body parts. Vibro shape belt also provided heated massager with clockwise ,motion and five control level.

Vibro Shape Belt help tighten, tone, strengthen and firm Five control level, vibro shape belt auto or manual operation, ten minutes auto shut off Head ting and the vibration function Oscillatory heat massager movement, vibro shape belt isNo EMS, Ease to use design, no gels need Multiplied positions adjustment Include hand controller.

Main Feauture:

1. vibro Shape Belt with PU material and floss clothes material, with two motors, heat and massage functions, Vibro Shape belt have four model, when you can use it at different speed and strenghth of this belt.

2.This model of vibro shape belt massager has an extra belt, we can choose if using the vibro shape belt, because some client are fat, but other are not fat, when you need, the fat client can use the extra vibro shape belt..

3.Thevibro shape belt massager has self protect functions, when the time exceeds ten minutes, the belt will automation stoped so that user won’t use it excitedly.

Main spare parts:

1. VIbro Shape belt main massage belt and remote controller.

2.  extra belt with the vibro shape belt.

3.  VIbro Shape Have a handbag.

4.  Vibro Shape Belt power adapter (100-240V), fit for all over the world.

5.  Vibro Shape Belt power supply cord.

6.  Vibro Shape Belt color box and manual.

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