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Biomanix penis enlargement capsule

Product Code: Biomanix
Availability: In Stock
৳ 6,500
Ex Tax: ৳ 6,500

What is Biomanix?

60 Pics Capsule

Biomanix is a nutritional supplement marketed as a sex enhancement pill for men. The pill promises to give you bigger, harder erections while also ejaculating more and having “more erections”.

Even better, Biomanix claims it can make your penis physically larger and wider over the long-term and the short-term.

Basically, this pill promises to singlehandedly solve all of your bedroom problems.

Oh, and it comes with a 100% money back guarantee: it promises that if it’s not the best male enhancement supplement on the market, you’ll get a 100% complete refund at any point within 90 days.

Scientific Evidence for Biomanix

Biomanix tosses around words like “clinically tested” when describing its formula.

That’s not really true: some of the ingredients in Biomanix have been clinically tested in the past by other organizations. These ingredients include amino acids like L-Arginine and botanicals like horny goat weed.

The Biomanix formula itself has never actually been tested in any clinical setting (or at least, the results of those tests have never been disclosed).

As mentioned above, Biomanix doesn’t list dosage information for most of its ingredients. Nevertheless, the manufacturer links to studies that studied stronger doses of things like L-Arginine and then tries to claim that those benefits extend to their own supplement.

These studies have indicated some benefits. Unfortunately, there’s no real evidence that Biomanix’s mysterious “proprietary formula” (of which we don’t even know the ingredients) has any real benefits.


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